Learn about special loan programs, that require little to no down payment, to purchase your first home.

There are several great loan programs that many people, especially first time home buyers are not taking advantage of in this new age of real estate! 20% down payment need to buy a home is a myth! There are loans available to get low to medium income/first time home buying individuals the ability to purchase their dream home and start building equity. These loans offering 3%-5% down payments, and can also include a down payment assistance program, some even require no down payment! This is a game changer, and really opens up the window for buyers that have not / can not save up enough funds to purchase. Use these loan programs to stop renting, and buy a home with low out of pocket cost. Purchasing a home is usually less expensive than rent, and also, the home is yours to keep, build equity, and sell to cash in on the appreciation of your home if you want to do so! If you want to learn more about these loan options in St.Tammany (Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington) and New Orleans Metro Area please reach out to me, Your Realtor Javier Santana!! Call - Text - Email

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